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What are the Best Cardio Workouts to Lose Weight?


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Nowadays most of the people are trying to lose weight by following cardio workout methods. Cardio workouts are a set of exercises intended to improve the cardiovascular activity of an individual for a strong heart and lungs. These are recognized best for burning fat and weight loss and good health.

SwimmingSo, here we are listing out some of the best cardio workouts for weight loss at home and gym also.

  • Walking or Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Rowing
  • Basket Ball
  • Kick-Boxing
  • Zumba/Aerobic Dance
  • Kettle Bell
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Tennis

If you follow the above mentioned cardio workouts regularly along with maintaining healthy diet plans, you may see an amazing change in your body weight. But, how will you come to know about change in your body weight after few days? FitDango is one of the best online shopping portals in USA which provides different body weight scales online at low price. If you are interested, you may order one immediately.

How Does a Blood Pressure Cuff Works?



We know that Heart is the most vital organ in the human body which works as a purifier by pumping blood throughout the body and purifying it. As the heart pumps blood, a force is exerted on the artery wall by the blood circulation, which is measured as the blood pressure by the BP monitors or Sphygmomanometers.

The blood pressure in a normal or a healthy individual ranges between 110/70 to 120/80. It is referred to as the systolic to the diastolic ratio and a change in this ratio either leads to hypertension or low blood pressure which is either way harmful.

Blood Pressure Cuff:

With the advancement in the technology, you no longer need to take the trouble traveling to a practitioner or wait in the long queue for just checking your blood pressure. This traveling and waiting may intern affect your BP levels. It’s at this point the BP cuffs or Sphygmomanometers are serving better purpose.

A traditional sphygmomanometer comes with an inflatable cuff made out of cloth/vinyl, a bulb for inflating, and a mercury meter to note the values of the pressure levels. The cuff is inflatable and plays a key role in measuring the pressure exerted on artery walls by blood circulation.

How Blood Pressure Cuff Works?

The blood pressure cuffs are basically a sensor that notices the changes in the blood pressure. It is made with cloth or vinyl fabric and designed in different layers so that it can be filled with air in the inner layers. When the pumping bulb is used to inflate the cuffs, the inner cavity is filled with air and creates an outer pressure on the arm and is held firmly in place on the upper arm.

When the pressures in these cuffs are changed accordingly to match the systolic and diastolic ratios, the mercury meter or a digital manometer attached to the cuffs measure the pressure. A pumping bulb is attached along with the apparatus in the traditional monitors and as well as the aneroid manual manometers and doctors normally use these traditional manometers and the stethoscope to note the systolic and diastolic measurements by listening to the kortkoff sounds.

Operation of the Cuff: when the cuff is inflated, it restricts the blood flow, creating a pressure on the upper arm. The doctors now listen for the kortkoff sounds many times before noting down the pressure levels. The kortkoff sound is the sound heard when the blood pressure in the artery and the pressure in the BP cuffs are equal; doctors listen to a whooshing sound which indicates the equal pressures.

Though there are many versions of the blood pressure monitors available, most of the medical practitioners and students still make use of the traditional manometers.

Types of Blood Pressure Cuffs:

There are mainly two types of sphygmomanometer cuffs available (1) Manual and (2) digital.

Manual Cuffs:

In the manual category, the cuffs come with two types of meters attached to it either the mercury manometer or the aneroid or mechanical type of manometer with a dial. Doctors use stethoscope to read the blood pressure levels in these manometers. The manual mercury meter cuffs are probably the first of its kind and since then the unit of BP has been mmHg or millimeter of mercury (Hg). But with the danger of mercury being spilled out, the mercury meters have been replaced by the mechanical dial aneroid meter cuffs.

But the mercury manometers are still required in clinical trials of pharmaceuticals or of high blood pressure-risk patients or for the checkup of the pregnant women due to their accuracy.

The aneroid meter cuffs are now the traditional manometers in common use. The dial when mounted on walls or stands is less vulnerable than hand held manometers as they often require calibration. But they are considered safer than the mercury manometer cuffs. The manometers available at the lowest prices in this category are always less accurate and are highly susceptible to the mechanical jarring.

Digital Cuffs:

The digital or automatic cuffs often work on the same principle as that of the manual ones, but the digital meters attached to these cuffs use oscillometric measurements to note the blood pressure levels. These digital cuffs are again manual and automatic accordingly. The completely automatic manometer cuffs are inflated by a battery or electricity. The digital monitors display the blood pressure readings and some even note the pulse rate and come with preset readings of the points when the blood flow stops or starts, when the cuffs are inflated.

Of all the blood pressure cuffs, the digital cuffs are easier and safer to use and anyone can use it on their own as these cuffs come with a failsafe warning system, in case if the cuffs are not wound properly around the arm.

Panasonic EW3901S is the large cuff for Panasonic upper arm blood pressure monitors, which adds comfort while you detect irregular pulse rate or the regular systolic blood pressure readings with your Panasonic monitor all the day long instantaneously.

Top 5 Omron Blood Pressure Monitors for Home Use

Are you bothering about monitoring your hypertension? We know that it is very difficult and more expensive to visit a physician regularly to monitor the blood pressure regularly. So, it is better to buy a blood pressure monitor for home use. There are many top branded blood pressure monitors online. It is always very important to choose the best and accurate one.

Here, we are listing out some of the top rated Omron blood pressure monitors. You may select any one of them.

1. Omron BP785:

Omron Arm Blood Pressure Monitors 10 Series

Omron 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors BP785 has many advanced features such as the Calibration Check System, Cuff Wrap Guide, etc. It alerts for irregular heartbeat detection. You can also review the eight week history of your morning and evening blood pressure readings with this Omron BP785. To know more features, visit the page: Omron BP785 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

2. Omron BP652:

Omron BP652 – Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a slender and easy to carry digital monitor. It is an inbuilt Heart Guide Technology, which automatically gets triggered at the time when your wrist is at heart level, for a precise reading every time.

For more details about its features and benefits, visit Omron BP652 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor.

3. Omron BP791IT:Omron BP791IT Blood Pressure Monitor

This latest Omron BP791IT 10+ Series automatic Blood Pressure monitor ensures you to get the accurate reading with the Cuff wrap guide and Calibration check system. It is built with advanced way to share your information to PC via USB cable, which is compatible with Microsoft® HealthVault.

To know about its advanced features and price details, visit Omron BP791IT 10+ Series automatic Blood Pressure monitor.

4. Omron BP710N:

Omron 3 SERIES Blood Pressure Monitors BP710N is one of the best and accurate BP monitor which has an ability to review the last 14 readings. It is recommended by many top doctors. It also alerts an indicator for irregular heartbeat detection.

Get detailed information about this BP monitor in the page: Omron BP710N Blood Pressure Monitor Features.

5. Omron BP760:

Omron 7 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure MonitorOmron BP760 – 7 Series automatic Blood Pressure Monitor has very simple and easy to operate user interface. Its ComFit arm cuff is flexible and accommodates both regular and large sized arms with utmost comfort. If you purchase this blood pressure monitor, you will get a box which includes main unit, ComFit Cuff (9″-17″) and instruction manual.

For more details about its features, visit Omron BP760 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor.

The above mentioned are some of the best blood pressure monitors which provide accurate results and are available at low price.

Top Activity Trackers Online

We know that activity trackers play very important role in giving an idea about fitness related metrics such as the distance that we walked, calories consumption, sleep quality, etc.

There are many activity trackers available in the market from various brands. It is very important to choose the best one among those activity trackers. We have to know about the accuracy and cost of that particular product before going to purchase any activity tracker.

Here, we are listing out some of the best activity trackers which help to get the accurate information about our activities.

1. Omron HJ-323U Alvita USB Pedometer:

Buy this latest OMRON HJ-323U Tri-axis pedometer and track the steps walked, Aerobic steps, analyze last 7 days data directly, distance traveled and many more. For detailed information about this product, visit the page: Omron Alvita Ultimate USB Pedometer.

Omron HJ-323U Alvita USB Pedometer2. Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band:

Garmin Vivofit fitness band is one of the best fitness trackers that creates personalized daily goals, tracks your fitness progress and alerts you if you are inactive for a long time. It tracks the distance, steps taken and calories burnt. It also tracks the sleep quality during sleep. For more details about this product, visit Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band Online.

For more activity trackers and fitness monitors, visit the official website of FitDango – Top Online Shopping Portal for Health, Fitness and Yoga Gadgets Online.

Latest Hugger Mugger Yoga Bolsters Online

Yoga bolster is one of the important requirements to practice yoga perfectly. Nowadays we are observing various branded yoga bolsters in different colors and sizes. It is very important to choose the best yoga mat before going to practice Yoga.

Hugger Mugger is one of the popular branded yoga mats due to its varieties in color and shape. So, here we are listing out some of the good quality yoga mats. You may choose any one of them and practice your yoga successfully.

Hugger Mugger Pranayama Pillow: It is the best choice to perform your daily morning Pranayama. It is especially a perfect pillow for restorative yoga. You may visit the page Hugger Mugger Bolster to get more details about its features and benefits.

Hugger Mugger Pranayama PillowHugger Mugger Round Yoga Bolster: It is the latest and very attractive yoga bolster with round shape. It is available in variety of designs and colors. For more details about its features and benefits, visit the page: Long Bolster Pillow.

Hugger Mugger Round Yoga BolsterHugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster: It provides the best support while practicing yoga. It is comfort through out your yoga practice and are perfect for restorative yoga practice. Are you interested to know about its amazing features? Then visit the page: Hugger Mugger Yoga Bolster Pillow.

Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga BolsterThe above mentioned are some of the best products from hugger mugger. You may get the details of large collection of yoga bolsters and their amazing features in the page: Long Hugger Mugger Yoga Bolster Pillows.

Latest Yoga Mats from Hugger Mugger

Yoga mats play vital role in practicing yoga perfectly. We regularly see different branded yoga mats with various designs. Hugger Mugger yoga mats are one of the best branded yoga mats.

Following are some of the specially designed Hugger Mugger Yoga Mats.

Hugger Mugger Tapas Original Sticky Yoga Mat: It is absolutely a skull turner for yogis to make their posters comfort. Yogic teachers will find this Sticky Yoga Mat a convenient companion wherever they go.

Hugger Mugger Sattva Jute Exercise Yoga Mat: This is a smart pick for Yoga activates. Sattva Jute Mat is perfectly designed for hot yoga as it absorb sweat which will never allow you to slipping and sliding instead you can focus on session.

Hugger Mugger Tapas® Travel Yoga Mat: It is a great option for the eco-friendly Yogi, containing no heavy metals or phthalates. It is also made from Latex-free Polymer Environmental Resin (PER) which has been extracted from biodegradable plant secretions to produce a plastic-like material.

Hugger Mugger Earth Elements Mat: It is an environmental friendly earth element yoga mat from hugger mugger. It is wonderfully designed and prevents pain when practicing yoga asana.

Are you interested to get some other branded yoga mats also? Then visit Latest High Quality Yoga Mats Online.

Best Digital Compact Point and Shoot Zoom Cameras

Bushnell 8.0 Megapixel Trophy HD XTRA Camera

The latest Bushnell bone collector trophy cam is the best gaming camera which is apparently a more popular LED Trail Camera to capture game movements and wildlife in dark vision. The new Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam is at your Comfort and convenience with new assertively styled case and new latch system.


  • Capture Gaming Movements with Field Scan time lapse technology
  • Supported SD card slot up to 32 GB
  • LCD Display (B X W)
  • 8 MP high quality, with packed color resolution
  • Take programmable HD Videos – 1280×720 pixels with Video length of 1 second to 60 seconds
  • Remarkable 1-year battery life and 1-second trigger interval speed
  • The Multi Image mode feature of trail camera assists in taking 1-3 pictures per trigger
  • Bushnell trophy cam HD falls under the category of best waterproof camera

Primos Truth Cam Ultra 46 HD Trail Camera

Primos Truth Cam Ultra 46 with early detect sensor is designed to offer you with a complete motion capture camera system, providing with long lasting battery for about nine months to record videos for wildlife observers and hunters. The essence of outdoor shooting with truth cam ultra 46 HD provides superior photo quality by adjusting the settings for night photography.


HD: 1280x720p video with Audio

7 megapixels high-quality resolution camera

Early Detect Sensor: 45-degree PIR sensor

Filter technology: Camo LED

Battery life: 9 months

Night range: 1000 ft

LEDs: 46

Best Exercise Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Scosche Rhythm Plus HRM Arm Band

While you train smart, keep an eye on your intensity level and get fit with the Scosche Rhythm plus best heart rate monitor band. Free from the hassles of the chest strap heart rate monitors with the comfortable arm band HRM. 

  • Being Bluetooth enabled tracks, even at a distance of 100 ft range
  •  Works with various top rated fitness apps 
  • Battery lasts for around 8 hours. Thus prevents very frequent recharging 
  • The best part of this heart rate arm band is, it is sweat proof   track your fitness with best fitness wristband

SKECHERS GO WALK SK2 HRM and calorie counter is a slim, easy to use and comfortfit watch for women. With this classic strapless heart rate monitor you can learn about your heart rate wherever you are and whenever you need. It provides ECG accurate heart rate, counts calories and the maximum heart rate percentage.The large LCD display increases the readability and this heart rate monitor watch works without a chest strap.

For those looking for a light-weight, sleek and no chest strap heart rate monitor, whichneed not be feature rich,Skechers Go Walk pulse bandz is the best solution. The quick touch technology provides the instantaneous heart rate readings. The LCD display adds to its sleek and stylish design.It’s very easy to use and is very comfortable to wear and settles perfectly on your wrist. 

Sync GPS Watch for Men with Chest HRM

With Sync GPS watch heart rate monitor for men, you can workout any other activity smarter and more comfortably. The heart rate chest strap facilitates with ECG accurate heart rate data to any Bluetooth ready device, making the activities or workouts more informative. 

Sync GPS watch with heart rate monitor for women comes with a GPS watch designed to fit perfectly for women and with a soft heart rate chest strap. With the combined set you can track the distance, steps taken, speed, pace, calories burnt and ECG accurate heart rate. This Sync GPS watch comes with a stop watch, backlight for good readability and time/date display. Drown all the fear and worries of regular recharge or running out of battery during workouts because the Sync GPS watch comes with a battery backup that lasts for around a year
 Top Rated Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Smart Health Walking Fit Heart Rate watch is a revolutionary product with easy to use options. This Smart Health watch is so simple to use that it doesn’t require any setup, just take it out of the box, set time, wear it and off you go to your activity. To verify the previous activity records you need not login to your account online, Walking fit heart rate watch will directly provide all the history you need.

The features of Walking Fit Heart Rate Watch are:

  • Automatic tracking
  • Counts all day steps
  • Calculates all day calories
  • Auto-calibrated distance
  • ECG accurate heart rate
  • Patented S-Pulse TM technology measures heart rate in just 3 – 8 seconds with the thrust of a button

FitDango is the one stop to all your searches for best fitness and heart rate monitor watches. Here at FitDango, we provide the finest fitness gadgets that are collected giving serious importance to safe, secure and high quality products.

The Best Heart Rate Monitor For Exercise

Pyle Marathon Heart Rate Watch

This unique marathon heart rate watch performs a dual role by working as a heart rate monitor and pedometer with few more added features and functions forms the perfect addition to your training program. 

Pyle Running Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Make sure of running or jogging in the safe heart rate zone by frequently monitoring with the Pyle running heart rate monitor watch.  The LED backlight makes it easy to read the recorded exercise statistics, maximum and average heart rate and calories utilized.

Pyle Sports Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitoring Watch

The PYLE – SPORT watch is a Bluetooth fitness heart rate monitor with Wireless Data Transmission and Sensor. With this Pyle sport watch you can count each and every activity thereby your fitness. This pulse counter tracks steps, average speed, distance elapsed, heart rate information, lap speed and calories burned. Lose unwanted weight and gain control over your fitness with the cutting edge technology of the Pyle sport watch.

Pyle Sports Heart Rate Monitoring Watch

Pyle sport Bluetooth enabled fitness and heart rate monitoring watch with wireless data transmission and sensor, sends heart rate information directly to the iOS Bluetooth smart ready devices like iPhone or iPad through the various free downloadable fitness apps.

This heart rate monitor watch tracks and displays time, instant heart rate, average speed, steps taken, distance covered, lap speed and calories spent. It records data up to 10 workouts and 100 laps.

Runtastic Bluetooth Smart Combo Heart Rate Monitor

Best Heart Rate Monitor Strap

Stay tuned to your health by monitoring your heart pulse rate very frequently for improved Cardio Health. Runtastic Bluetooth Smart Combo Heart Rate Monitor is a technology blessed gadget that transmits heart rate information directly without any additional adapters. Making use of the code that comes with the kit, you can easily access the highly customizable Runtastic voice app and by that way you need not purchase the Runtastic pro.

  • Sync the heart rate monitor with the Runtastic smartphone apps
  • Save the tracked data for further analysis
  • Very low energy consuming device
  • Transmit your pulse rate information without any further additional adapters, via the Bluetooth wireless technology

top activity trackers-best affordable heart rate monitor

Runtastic Receiver and Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor and Calories Burned Tracker: Runtastic receiver and heart rate monitor along with the Runtastic app will make your Smartphone as your workout companion and personal trainer, motivating for better performance. The app will directly show the heart rate, as exactly tracked by the heart rate monitor. This heart rate monitor is compatible with almost all the Smartphones that includes iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry, Android and many others. Considering the type of activity and the type of workout makes the stats more reliable. 

Scosche Blecs Rhythm Bluetooth Chest Strap HRM

Scosche Rhythm Bluetooth chest strap heart rate monitor and sensor is a comfortable soft fabric chest band that monitors and transmits heart rate data to iPhone, iPad or iPod in real-time. This HRM chest strap works with Rhythm fitness app with which you can easily analyze heart rate, calories burned, speed, pace and distance run.

Furthermore, you can also share your workouts status with friends and family through various social media outlets, track your earlier exercise stats and compare with the current training sessions using the integrated calendar features.

Scosche Bluetooth Armband Pulse Monitor

Scosche Bluetooth Armband Pulse Monitor, monitors pulse, calories, distance and more. Customized to meet your needs, it is compatible with Android and is made for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Giving you the Real-time feedback, this Armband motivates you through checkpoints at various stages.

The compatibility of various apps that includes Digifit, iBiker, iPower, RunDouble C25K (Android), iSpinner, iCardio, iRunner, iSmoothRun and Spinning with Rhythm Armband pulse monitor have been tested.