Bowflex Body Weight Scale

The Bowflex BMI/Daily Calorie scale is a smart and stylish digital weight scale has a large dual line display with reverse readout.

  • Has a capacity to read up to 350 pounds in 0.2 increments.
  • Presents you with the number of calories you need so as to maintain the current weight, calculates the variation between the current weight and goal weight and measures the BMI.
  • Stores personal data of 8 users.

Conair Wide-Platform Weight Scales

Analyze your body and track your body weight with the most accurate digital weight watcher bathroom scale from CONAIR.

  • Recall your 5 most recent weights
  • Tracks weight change of 10 users
  • 350 lb./159 kg measuring capacity with 0.2 lb./100 g increments
  • Interpret the results as low, high or on target

best scale for weight – glass body fat scale

Escali Best Body Composition Scale

Escali USHM180S digital scale is a smart health monitoring bathroom scale that measures body weight, fat, muscle mass and hydration. Instant on and automatic off features with 10 seconds hold feature.

  • Measures in 0.2 lb increments up to 400 lbs.
  • While with the automatic profile selection feature stores 4 individual users data.
  • Durable and lightweight with sleek design.

Archos Bluetooth Connected Scale

The Archos Bluetooth Connected Scale is the best digital weight scale that calculates body mass index (BMI) and fat loss by giving your body measurements, thereby providing the correct body weight loss. This Bluetooth smart technology scale syncs with the Archos connected app and provides the data to automatically track your weight. Realize your weight ambitions by setting targets. The data is available for 1 year. The Archos scale tracks the weight data of up to 4 variant users depending on the weight and syncs the weight data to their device in just seconds with the Bluetooth smart technology. This low energy weight scale is designed for Android or iOS Smartphone or tablet devices. While being securely kept on your Smartphone or tablet devices still you can share the status over Facebook or email.

Conair Weight Watch Body Fat Scale

The digital weight watchers electronic body fat scale is designed to monitor and track your body metrics to the highest precision standards.

  • Measures body fat, water, bone mass and BMI
  • Stores 4 users data
  • Displays weight to as high as 350 lb./159 kg in 0.2 lb./100 g increments

Escali Glass Body Fat Bath Scale

Escali BFBW200 Glass Body Fat / Body Water Bathroom Scale is one among the top rated digital weight scale built on advanced weighting technology. Get accurate results stepping on to this stylish and rigid glass platform.

  • High-technology analysis of the fitness levels of users.
  • Quantify the percentage of body fat, weight and hydration levels for up to 10 unique users.
  • Measures 400 lbs of weight in 0.2 lb increments and is rigid while being impact-resistant.

Escali Stainless Steel Digital Scale

Escali USHM180G Glass Body Fat, Water, Muscle Mass Scale, designed to give a modern look in black tempered glass platform with stainless steel foot placers accentuated on the surface.

  • Measures body weight up to 400 lbs or 180 kgs in 0.2 lb increments.
  • Measures body fat, muscle mass and dehydration data apart from body weight.
  • Stores 4 user profiles separately with automatic profile selection like male or female and athlete mode.