Pear Training Intelligence System

Best Mobile Training Intelligence System

Pear Sports Mobile Training Intelligence System for iPhone 4 & 4S, iPhone 5, 5S & 5C is the best digital audio training system that monitors heart rate and trains you in real-time, with a world-class coach in your ear. It guides the end user through the available hundreds of integrated workouts for weight loss, muscularity, running, biking and many more activities. Using innovative technology, it comes up with useful tips for effective workout and in getting you back into cardio and fitness.

  • Tons of workouts for different physical fitness levels and you can start from wherever you want
  • The heart rate sections are well customized and aren’t just one size fits all and can manually be adjusted up and down.
  • Easy to setup
  • Unique workouts and training plans
  • Smart, portable and durable

calorie burner tracker

Skechers Go Walk Activity Tracker Sleep Monitor

Skechers go walk activity tracker and sleep monitor comes with a motion tracking computer system that you wear on your wrist 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The Skechers Go Walk activity tracker monitors steps, distance, calories, sleep and even reminds you to get up and go. This is the first activity tracker device to differentiate between running and walking. It has a 12 day memory and thus the activity data is available for analysis for 12 days.

Sportline Sync Elite Pedometer

The Sportline Sync Elite pedometer is the best activity tracker that records core steps, pace metrics, pulse meter, distance lapsed and the time in motion. The pedometer is water resistant and syncs with a Smartphone or tablet. All the activity data is uploaded into the devices with an innovative sync method. With the MayMyWalk app analyze your accomplishments and challenge yourself and your friends in the community for improved results.

The watch is very stylish and is designed giving room to user comfort. Whatever activity you’re doing, the large screen makes it easy to track the activity details.

Sportline Sync Fitness Watch Band

The Sportline Sync Burn Band is a light-weight, comfortfit, portable, easy to use and Bluetooth enabled activity tracking gadget. With the Sync Burn Band watch you can track the distance that is covered, steps, captures 24 hours calories burned, watch timing functions, acts as an alarm and provides ECG accurate heart rate any time. The watch band is a reversible rubber wrist watch band. The calorie calculation is made considering the heart rate and intensity of movement.

Striiv Smart Pedometer Plus Activity Motivation System Striiv play wireless tracker is an attractive pedometer and goes beyond than just tracking and makes fitness workout as a play. You can wear it anywhere and it makes no difference to your apparel in appearance. Get the best control of each and every step and stair with Striiv play wireless pedometer.This fitness gadget has the advantage of rechargeable battery with durable support.With this smart looking pedometer one can:
  •  Count steps
  • Count stairs climbed
  •  Distance covered
  •  Analyze 60 days of complete activity data
  •  Calories spent
  • Minutes of activity
  •  Check the current time
  •  Name your pedometer

Smart Health Pedometer

Striiv smart pedometer is smart and motivates you to walk more and more. Play while you walk with Striiv smart pedometer. With all the supporting apps in-built, Striiv Heart Rate Monitor for Walking adds fun to fitness activity. It has high resolution color touch screen. MyLand game pre-loaded, powered by walking, will make the exercise competitive and addictive play. This smart fitness and health gadget keeps you more active with improved health and lost weight.

With Striiv smart pedometer you can:

  • Count steps
  • Count stairs
  • Track activity
  • Distanced covered
  • Calories burnt
  • Play as you walk
  • Track efficiency with chart

Sync GPS Running Watch for Women

Sync GPS watch women is the easy to use and comfortfit fitness watch for women. With Sync you can easily track digital speed, pace and distance.

The water resistant feature adds to its benefits. With Sync you’ll be a part of an extensive community, where everyone encourages, challenges and inspires each other. Wear it, sync it and track it and that’s how it’s so simple.

Sync GPS Sports Watch for Men

Sync GPS watch makes it easier than ever to monitor and track your daily physical activity. You can compare the distance that you’ve covered today with your previous days. With Sync you can know how many calories you’ve burnt throughout the day, even when you sleep. You can know your pace and challenge yourself to even better the time the next run.