Fitness Monitors are the best solution for more efficient workouts. While practicing for a marathon or a triathlon or for workout routines, fitness monitors are the perfect devices to track the heart rate to limit in a safe zone. 

Approach S2 Golf Gps

Garmin Golf GPS Watch

Approach S2 is the simple, slim, lightweight and comfortable watch developed by Garmin and is one of the top rated GPS units. This golf watch forms a balance blend of information, style, accessibility and durability. Above all features included in Approach S2 to support golfers, the courses pre-loaded will form a real advantage.

  • Measures yardage to the back, middle and front of green
  • Evaluates layup and dogleg distances thus improving usability for the entire hole
  • Numeric/Digital scoreboard
  • 30,000+ courses pre-loaded with free lifetime course updates
  • With the Connecting clip / data clip you can connect the cable to PCs USB port to recharge and transfer data. This cable also can be used with an optional adapter.
  • The watch straps are interchangeable and replaceable. Stay stylish and with enhanced look collecting different colors of watch straps.

Wear this watch on your wrist while playing for better access to high-sensitivity readings of yardage in all directions. Get your Garmin Approach S2 Golf GPS watch, the best fitness monitor, today at FitDango with free shipping and with best services.

ePulse2 Strapless HRM and Calorie Counter

ePulse2 is the world’s first armband continuous heart rate monitor and calorimeter with an integrated digital pedometer. Get rid of the annoying and the uncomfortable chest straps with ePulse2.

  • Complete and continuous heart rate info
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Strapless heart rate monitor
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Wear it, Turn it and Go on

Forerunner 610 Gps

Best Forerunner GPS Running Watch

Garmin Forerunner 610 GPS running watch is built to last forever and is designed to incorporate everything that a runner or an athlete or a fitness fascinate need and look for in their fitness gadgets. Garmin fitness monitor watch puts you in touch with your training at a fast pace. With just a tap or touch or swipe, the Garmin running watch will let you run, while it tracks all the information, analyze and gives recap of the run. Easy and Quick access to change settings and to toggle through various options.

Inspects bike speed / cadence sensor

  1.  Tracks the time for which activity is performed

  2.  Measures the effect of activity performed on aerobic fitness.

  3.  Calculates the distance covered

  4.  Compatible with Foot pod

  5.  Automatically syncs and transfers data to PC

  6.  Connects with Garmin connect and gives the possibility to analyze, categorize and share data

  7.  Virtual partner, trains virtually against a person

  8.  Virtual racer, this feature competes with previous best achievements or an activity from another user.

  9.  Auto pauses when you stop or when your speed drops below a specific rate.

Forerunner 70 Blue

Garmin Forerunner GPS Watch

Garmin Forerunner 70 is a smart and comfort fit watch. FR 70 is a glossy fitness and heart rate monitor watch plus a workout tool that tracks your complete fitness activity. It provides you the accessibility to view the data quickly or transfer to a computer in its range to view the workout report anytime later.

When used with Tanita BC-1000 Forerunner 70 can track up to 9 measurements that includes

  • Weight
  • Body fat percentage
  • Body water percent
  • Muscle mass
  • Physique rating
  • Daily caloric intake

Features that make Forerunner 70 stand out of other workout  monitors are:

  • Battery life of 1 year. No other products have that backup ability as Forerunner 70
  • Lustrous and easy to access design to verify workout achievements or to change training sessions
  • Significant partner for both indoor and outdoor workouts
  • Can be used during running, cycling or any other fitness activities to track various activities

Garmin Forerunner Watch

  • Fitness watch for indoor & outdoor use
  • Used for running, cycling & other fitness activities
  • Water resistant to 50m
  • Calculates time, heart rate, calories, speed and distance
  • ANT+(TM) technology wirelessly connects to the included heart rate monitor and shares fitness data wirelessly with a computer

Garmin vívofit Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin Vivofit Heart rate monitor is the best and only fitness gadget that creates personalized daily goals, tracks your fitness progress and alerts you if you are inactive for a long time (more than 1 hour). The red bar appears after 1 hour of inactivity and builds when you’re inactive for a long time, simply walk or do some activity for some time so as to reset. Garmin Vivofit is a best personal trainer and motivator that keeps you moving most of the time.

iRiver Ear Bud HRM Headset

Make your exercise smarter with the iRiver Ear bud heart rate monitor headset. Reach your exercise goals beyond your expectations with precise measurement of heart rate by the iRiver headset. Apart from just monitoring the heart rate, also calculates and record different forms of data in real-time with the multi-functional iRiver fitness headset. 

Get notifications about the current heart rate zone with the iRiverON’s voice feedback system and also updates you with the real-time data while you exercise from various fitness programs. Apart from the current heart rate it also records in real-time other fitness data that includes time spent, distance elapsed and calories spent. 

Lifetrak C410 Zone Watch

Best Fitness Monitor Lifetrak LTK7C4004 Lifetrak zone watch C410 is the best fitness monitor worth of investing. Lifetrak zone watch C410 satisfies users with a number of in-built features. This gadget is easily accessible and provides very accurate information. 

The actions that a Lifetrak zone watch C410 perform are:

  • Automatically tracks all day steps taken and calories burnt
  • Calibrates the distance covered
  • Built-in algorithms adjusts stride length depending on jagging, walking and running motions
  • Integrates heart rate with activity data
  • Calculates sleep efficiency and duration depending on motion and arm posture