Mens Forerunner 110

Best GPS Fitness Watch Garmin Forerunner 110 is a simple, easy to use, button operated sports watch for men. Whether for a fitness fascinate or for a marathon participator, forerunner 110 will form best guide tracking the heart rate and monitoring the activity. 

  • Distance covered
  •  Time elapsed
  •  Pace    
  •  Heart rate connecting to a heart rate monitor
  •  Calories burnt

The features of Forerunner 110 sports watch are:

  • High sensitivity GPS receiver with HotFix satellite prediction
  • Fast and accurate
  • FirstbeatTM
  • ANT+TM
  • Auto lap function

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Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor

Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor is that which gives heart rate data without any chest strap and is the world’s first continuous heart rate monitor. The Bluetooth smart technology assists in connecting to your favorite fitness apps and also devices.

Mio Link Slate heart rate monitor band is the successor of the award winning Mio Alpha,which continuously monitors and transfers the heart rate data to sport devices and fitness apps through the Bluetooth smart or ANT+ technology.It is compatible with the MioGO fitness app and is 99% accurate at any speed.

Unlike many other watch bands, the Mio Link band is very comfortable, light-weight and has a sleek design with soft and durable silicone strap. It’s not only meant for athletes, exercise geeks and sports persons, but also for swimmers as it is water resistant up to 30 meters.

Best Cardio Trainer Watch

New Balance NX990 GPS Cardio trainer watch is the best option for those who are looking for a GPS watch with heart rate monitor. The 2 features that increases its prominence are: it can download workout data to a computer and it can store waypoints up to 10 paths.

It is capable of storing up to 99 waypoints and 48,170 track points. This GPS watch has a digital compass with 16 cardinal point bearings and adjustable declination together with a 2.4 GHz digitally coded chest strap for no cross-talk along with auto or custom set HR zones. It is comprised with a 100 hour chronograph with 120 run memory.

  • Monitors speed
  • Tracks distance covered
  • Monitors pace
  • Digital Compass Calibration
  • Adjustable Declination
  • Cardinal North Indicator
  • Displays data in either metric or imperial units

Omron Heart Rate Monitor HR-310

Track your pulse rate accurately with the simple-to-use and full featured OMRON HR-310 chest strap heart rate monitor and ensure that its in the optimal heart rate training zone whether it may be during your weight maintenance program or strength training program.

  • Facilitates accurate ratings with just a tap
  • Water resistant up to 164 feet
  • Visual and audible zone alerts

Omron HR-210 Strapfree Heart Monitor

With an OMRON strap free HR-210 heart rate monitor wrist watch, ensure to stay in the optimal zone by regulating the workout intensity and get more from your training routine.

  • No chest transmitter band required
  • Audible and visible zone alerts, alert you when performing above or below the limits
  • Water resistant up to 164 feet

Pyle Cardiovascular Training HRM Watch

The Pyle HRM watch facilitates the user during the cardiovascular training programs for joggers, runners or strenuous exercises. Equipped with stopwatch, alarm and LED light ensuring day and night usage, this heart rate tracking watch monitors the maximum, minimum and current heart rates for safer and improved performance..

Pyle Chest Strap Heart Rate Watch

Pyle PHRM24 chest strap watch is a heart rate monitor cum pedometer with Jumbo digit LCD that together with monitoring the heart rate, also counts the steps taken, distance covered, speed, calories and fat burnt. It has various user-supportive inbuilt functions like chronograph with a record of 30 laps memory, step filter and energy saving function all together.