Fitness weight Scales are the ideal body composition analysis scales that are accessible to a group of people. These digital body analysis scales undergo an extensive inspection process to display the body stats.

Pyle Digital Weight and Personal Health Scale

PYLE-SPORT Bluetooth digital weight and personal health scale with Wireless Smartphone Data Transfer is a high precision, sensitive system with accurate results. This digital weight scale measures hydration levels, body fatand muscle and bone level percentages. The Bluetooth smart technology enabled scale sends the data wirelessly to your devices easily.

Runtastic scale Libra

With this Runtastic scale Libra, named as the world’s most intelligent scale, you can reach your weight goals easily and with good guidance from the app. Unlike many other scales which would track body weight alone, this scale measures your body weight, fat, bone mass, muscle mass, water content and with some more information provided they can also calculate BMI and calorie requirement expressed through BMR and AMR.

Escali smart connect body fat scale

Best Body Weight Scales

Escali smart connect body fat scale with Bluetooth will connect what you eat and what you weigh. This fitness gadget connects to the mobile devices with Bluetooth low energy technology and with easy setup process.

  • It adds the food being eaten from the USDA food database and adds them to food journal for analysis.
  • Nutritional information is calculated and is presented in the form of graph or list format.
  • Measures and tracks up to 35+ nutrients taken.
  • Escali smart connect body fat scale measures weight of ingredients in cups and tablespoons


AWS body fat analysis scale is a modern glass platform used as health and fitness gadgets. This MSL-180 body fat scale presents detailed body composition. The best advantage of storing height and age data of up to 8 various users. No tapping is required to turn on the gadget, a single step on to it will power the platform.

  • Body weight
  • Body fat
  • Bone mass
  • Muscle and body water

As the BIA used in this fitness scale for analysis uses small and safe current, it is suggestible not to be used by pacemakers or with any other electrical implants as this BIA causes them to malfunction.

iHealth Digital Step On Scale

iHealth HS3 Step on Digital Scale is the weight management scale backed by advanced technology and designed for current and future generation needs. Measure, Track and Share.

  • This Bluetooth weight scale reads and records the weight on your iPod Touch or iPhone or iPad with automatic uploading feature and automatically stores the data.
  • There are around 7000 food items and 40 types of activities to choose so as to track

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iHealth Wireless Body Analysis Scale

iHealth wireless body analysis Bluetooth scale is a workhorse that measures, tracks and shares 9 variant characteristics of your body with the iHealth MyVitals app, which can be used either online or offline.
  • Above all it stores information of 20 people.
  • Automatic step on feature
  • Measures BMI, DMI, Visceral fat rating, bone mass, body liquid (water), muscle mass, body fat, lean mass and weight and are transferred to the app.

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