Pyle Marathon Heart Rate Watch

This unique marathon heart rate watch performs a dual role by working as a heart rate monitor and pedometer with few more added features and functions forms the perfect addition to your training program. 

Pyle Running Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Make sure of running or jogging in the safe heart rate zone by frequently monitoring with the Pyle running heart rate monitor watch.  The LED backlight makes it easy to read the recorded exercise statistics, maximum and average heart rate and calories utilized.

Pyle Sports Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitoring Watch

The PYLE – SPORT watch is a Bluetooth fitness heart rate monitor with Wireless Data Transmission and Sensor. With this Pyle sport watch you can count each and every activity thereby your fitness. This pulse counter tracks steps, average speed, distance elapsed, heart rate information, lap speed and calories burned. Lose unwanted weight and gain control over your fitness with the cutting edge technology of the Pyle sport watch.

Pyle Sports Heart Rate Monitoring Watch

Pyle sport Bluetooth enabled fitness and heart rate monitoring watch with wireless data transmission and sensor, sends heart rate information directly to the iOS Bluetooth smart ready devices like iPhone or iPad through the various free downloadable fitness apps.

This heart rate monitor watch tracks and displays time, instant heart rate, average speed, steps taken, distance covered, lap speed and calories spent. It records data up to 10 workouts and 100 laps.

Runtastic Bluetooth Smart Combo Heart Rate Monitor

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Stay tuned to your health by monitoring your heart pulse rate very frequently for improved Cardio Health. Runtastic Bluetooth Smart Combo Heart Rate Monitor is a technology blessed gadget that transmits heart rate information directly without any additional adapters. Making use of the code that comes with the kit, you can easily access the highly customizable Runtastic voice app and by that way you need not purchase the Runtastic pro.

  • Sync the heart rate monitor with the Runtastic smartphone apps
  • Save the tracked data for further analysis
  • Very low energy consuming device
  • Transmit your pulse rate information without any further additional adapters, via the Bluetooth wireless technology

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Runtastic Receiver and Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor and Calories Burned Tracker: Runtastic receiver and heart rate monitor along with the Runtastic app will make your Smartphone as your workout companion and personal trainer, motivating for better performance. The app will directly show the heart rate, as exactly tracked by the heart rate monitor. This heart rate monitor is compatible with almost all the Smartphones that includes iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry, Android and many others. Considering the type of activity and the type of workout makes the stats more reliable. 

Scosche Blecs Rhythm Bluetooth Chest Strap HRM

Scosche Rhythm Bluetooth chest strap heart rate monitor and sensor is a comfortable soft fabric chest band that monitors and transmits heart rate data to iPhone, iPad or iPod in real-time. This HRM chest strap works with Rhythm fitness app with which you can easily analyze heart rate, calories burned, speed, pace and distance run.

Furthermore, you can also share your workouts status with friends and family through various social media outlets, track your earlier exercise stats and compare with the current training sessions using the integrated calendar features.

Scosche Bluetooth Armband Pulse Monitor

Scosche Bluetooth Armband Pulse Monitor, monitors pulse, calories, distance and more. Customized to meet your needs, it is compatible with Android and is made for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Giving you the Real-time feedback, this Armband motivates you through checkpoints at various stages.

The compatibility of various apps that includes Digifit, iBiker, iPower, RunDouble C25K (Android), iSpinner, iCardio, iRunner, iSmoothRun and Spinning with Rhythm Armband pulse monitor have been tested.