FitDango brings a wide new range of fitness and workout activity tracking gadgets from top brands under one roof. These wireless exercise activity monitoring gadgets benefits the user with more detailed information about the activities being performed. 

Ematic 1.5″ Smartwatch Black

The Ematic ESW454B 1.5″ Smartwatch is a new generation watch with incredible features that are found with mobiles. The Ematic smart watch syncs with your Android devices and checks the notifications and messages received, syncs calendar and contacts, control music playback on your phone, analyze sleep and the built-in pedometer tracks the steps taken.

Garmin Vivofit Heart rate monitor is the best and only fitness gadget that creates personalized daily goals, tracks your fitness progress and alerts you if you are inactive for a long time (more than 1 hour). The red bar appears after 1 hour of inactivity and builds when you’re inactive for a long time, simply walk or do some activity for some time so as to reset.

Best Fitness and Sleep Tracker

iHealth wireless activity and sleep tracker is a Bluetooth device that tracks each and every step taken, calories burnt, distance traveled, sleep duration and sleep efficiency both in motion and at rest.

  • clip triggers the tracker to shift to waist tracking from wrist tracking for more accurate performance.
  • Set alarms that are silent and will vibrate without disturbing others.
  • Socialize and share your activity status and results with friends and family
Misfit Shine Plus Sport Band instantly tracks all the fitness activities while running, walking, swimming and cycling, essentially an athlete’s sport band. Wear the Shine plus Sport Band anywhere on the body and a luminous ring of lights appear through the metal shell to show your progress in reaching the goal.


  • Great for anywhere, anytime tracking
  • Long lasting battery for 6 months
  • Used in daily life and sports activities

Drive yourself to a healthier lifestyle with the light-weight OMRON’s alvita ultimate tri-axis pedometer.

  • Tracks distance, steps, aerobic steps and calories
  • Set-up the stride length automatically or manually
  • Automatic reset with weekly memory log
Tracking fitness activity with the OMRON tri-axis Alvita Pedometer With Two Activity Modes is a best way to get motivated for prolonged training routine thereby improving health and boosting energy levels.

  • Track both the steps and distance with the 2 tracking modes available
  • Has an inbuilt tri-axis technology with which the steps can be counted accurately and quietly
  • The pedometer resets automatically while maintaining the last 7 days data in memory
Alvita optimized pedometer with four activity modes, specifically designed for power walkers and aerobic exercise practitioners, OMRON HJ-321 Tri-Axis Pedometer and calorie counter benefits the users by counting aerobic steps separately from normal walking steps.

  • Apart from steps it also measures distance calories burned and time for which you’ve traveled
  • The tri-axis technology provides more information about activity levels
  • Automatically resets while storing the activity data of the last 7 days

Tri-Axis Pedometers

Tri-axis pedometers are the successors of dual-axis design. This OMRON HJ-323U alvita USB pedometer with five activity modes and web solution benefits with more advanced settings available. No worries of periodic subscriptions to view status online. With OMRON HJ-323U Tri-axis pedometer you can track or monitor:

  • Steps walked
  • Aerobic steps
  • Distance travelled
  • Active calories burned
  • 12 or 24 hour inbuilt clock
  • Long lasting replaceable battery backup

With all these quantities measurable in a single pedometer, Tri-axis pedometer forms the best fitness and health gadget. OMRON HJ-323U Tri-axis pedometer has some added advantages that include less expensive, durability and portability.

With the OMRON activity tracking monitor know how many calories are burnt during regular activities like walking, running or just during household activities.

  • Has an advanced feature to track the activity time needed to reach the preset goal.
  • Track your progress with this weekly tracker that tracks aerobic time, distance, calories burned, steps and pace.