Taylor Lithium Electronic Digital Bath Scale

Being a high capacity electronic bathroom weight scale, this 7329B lithium scale is designed so as to give comfort to the feet while measuring the weight.

  • Turns on instantly and automatically turns off when you step off
  • The 1.0” LCD readout is very clear and easy to read the weight
  • Can measure as much as 330lb in o.2lb increments

Electronic Digital Bath Scale-Taylor Lithium Digital Scale

Taylor Lithium Electronic Digital Weight Scale

Measure your weight at the comfort of your home with the Taylor lithium electronic digital weight scale that comes with large 1.5″ LCD display with high readability.

  • The bump-patterned platform gives good hold while measuring the weight for the users.
  • This lithium bathroom weight scale has an instant on, auto zero and auto off prevents high power consumption.

Precision Bathroom Scales   weight scales in bath room use

Taylor Lithium Electronic Weight Monitoring Scale

Make your life easier with the Taylor 7014 lithium digital electronic weighing gram scale with good accuracy and precision. This portable and easy to use scale suits your weight needs.

  • The 0.8″ LCD digits provides great readability
  • Turns on immediately after you step on it and automatically turns off
  • Ribbed texture platform ads stylish look to your room

Digital Scale for Monitoring Weight-Taylor Lithium Electronic Weight machine

Taylor Mini Glass Scale for Weight Calculation

Taylor 7086 is a very smartly designed glass electronic scale with expandable readout that ads to the user flexibility while taking the weight readings.

  • Excellent product and is great for travel, small spaces or gym.
  • Turns on instantly and automatically turns off
  • Haas a good capacity of 350 Lb with 0.2 Lb

Mini Scale for Weight Calculation Weight measuring scale

Taylor Stainless Electronic Bath Scales

Get the comfort of measuring your weight from your home with the Taylor 7403 stainless steel electronic weight scale.

  • Has an elegant brushed stainless steel platform
  • Easy-to-read display with backlight feature

Scales for Weight Loss with Analysis– Taylor 7403 stainless steel electronic weight scale

Taylor Stainless Steel Digital Bathroom Scale

Taylor 7413 is a textured precision electronic digital bathroom scale with a sleek and elegant stainless steel platform designed to meet the stylish needs of your home.

  • Easy to use auto on feature turns ON the scale the next moment you step onto the smooth glass platform.
  • Measures weight to as much as 400 pounds and in 0.1 kg increments.

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Taylor’s digital glass bath scale

Taylor’s 7558-4192B digital glass bath scale is a hi-tech wireless body weight bath scale that has a black back-painted strong platform which is very easy to clean.

  • Measures up to 400lbs in 0.2lb increments
  • Instant on and off and auto zero feature
  • Batteries included

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