Headphones are the best way to enjoy the music or any other audio recordings with top notch quality and clarity anywhere and at any time without causing any disturbance to others around you. Headphones are available either as wired or wireless.

Aluratek Bluetooth Sport Earbuds

The Bluetooth wireless Earbuds from Aluratek are multi-purpose and multi featured comfortably designed to make them greatly fit into your lifestyle. These are most chosen because of their hands-free convenience, hi-fidelity stereo sound and on device controls. The Earbuds are sweat-proof, secure and doesn’t flop which makes them very convenient for fitness practitioners or sports candidates or any others.

Antec Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Antec Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones are exceptional headphones that brought the control of your mobile phones into your palm. While providing high definition audio it prevents the unnecessary disturbances distract you and thereby letting you to indulge into the world of your favorite music, movies or games. With these Bluetooth and built-in microphone headphones you can call directly without ever reaching to your mobile. The rechargeable battery exceptionally provides backup for 200 hours of standby time and 8 hours of full talk time. Apart from noise-cancelling mode these Antec active headphones, they also operate in headset mode, incoming call mode and in-call active mode.

Plantronics Backbeat Go Wireless Headphones

The Plantronics Backbeat Go Wireless Headphones is an incredible design that is very simple, amazingly light and provides incredible comfort when in use. The design makes it easily slip into your pockets and the tangle-free cable keeps things uncomplicated. These headphones can be used with Bluetooth enabled tablets, mobile devices and MP3 players. Enjoy listening to music or movies with these Plantronics headphones for 4.5 hours uninterruptedly.

Plantronics Backbeat Go2 wireless headphones are the next generation wireless Stereo Bluetooth headphones that forms the next version of Plantronics Backbeat Go wireless headphones. The few changes that are made to the design of backbeat go wireless headphones are the buttons are tweaked to make it easy to operate and comes with stabilizers to get a more secure fit. The inner design is that the headphones now play louder and sound better. The moisture resistant technology used, makes them water resistant. Apart from these all the other features are same as that of the Plantronics Backbeat Go2 wireless headphones.

Plantronics Backbeat Wireless Headphones

The Plantronics Backbeat 903 Wireless Headphones is an impressive design with easy to use buttons to control the operations and modes. The ruggedized material with flexibility in wearing provides great support for active lifestyles. These headphones are great during workouts, commutes or just chilling at home. Make yourself immersed in the high quality audio run from a Smartphone, iPhone or Bluetooth enabled MP3 player.

Scosche TuneStream II Wireless Headset

Scosche TuneStream II HZ8 Wireless Headset has a simple and nice design that fits perfectly into your ears. These Bluetooth headphones syncs with your mobile phones up to 30 feet of wireless range. With the control buttons you can easily control the audio track, pause or play and also answer calls directly without actually reaching your phones.