Bolder Mat New Fish Wish Printed Yoga Mat

The fish wish yoga mat is smartly designed to motivate you while you’re practicing yoga. This beautifully printed extra thick ultra-luxurious yoga exercise mat boosts your energy and symbolizes how fun the adventure of life can be.

  • Heavy metal free, environment friendly and non-toxic
  • It is 1/4 “ thick and measures 2ft X 6ft

Cat Cow Printed BolderMat Yoga Mat

The BolderMat cat cow lightweight printed yoga or Pilate mat has the kinetic movement of the cat cow yoga pose printed on it, creating ideal spinal alignment from head to pelvis. This extra thick and eco-friendly yoga mat is the most chosen high quality yoga mat.

  •  Impressive stickiness and thickness
  • This ultra-luxurious yoga mat is non-toxic and heavy metal free
  •  2 ft x 6 ft and 1/4“ thick
Get rejuvenated with the WaiLana Plumeria Orange colored yoga mat that features the tropically grown subtle plumeria flower design.
  •  The dimensions of this gorgeous flower printed mat are 1/8″H x 24″W x 68″L
  •  High quality cushioning protects your joints
WaiLana’s Hawaiian paradise padded yoga mat is designed to maximize the level of your comfort while providing you the perfect posture to practice your yoga sessions both at home and outdoors.
  •  This yogi mat is an excellent latex free, lightweight and easily washable mat.
  •   Vibrant design and color scheme provides you that extra zeal and enthusiasm to get started immediately
  •  Dimensions of the mat are 1/8″H x 24″W x 68″L