Origami Crane printed Yoga Mat

The Origami Cranes printed yoga mat best fits any of your yoga or Pilate practices like Hot yoga, Power yoga, Pre-natal yoga, Bikram yoga or any other.

  •  2 ft x 6 ft and 1/4″ thick
  • Extra thick and heavy metal free

PurAthletics WTE10126 yoga mat is sticky and non-slippery. This extra-large 1/8″(3.5mm) x 24″ x 68″comforts around your limbs and give secure grip when implementing certain yoga poses.

  • This yoga mat is made with PVC and cotton mesh and is easy to clean
  • It is very light-weight and is ideal to carry along with
  • Has long lasting capacity

eco friendly yoga mats – extra long extra wide yoga mat

Techni Color Turtle Printed Yoga Mat

Get happy, peaceful and beautiful life by giving some time to practice yoga. Make your Yoga easier and comfortable using the Bolder mat turtle printed yoga mat where in the turtle printed on the mat motivates you not to rush and spend enough time for yoga.

  • The bright colors boosts your energy
  • The Japanese symbols form the replica of love, light and happiness

WaiLana Sea Turtles Yoga MatWaiLana sea turtles gray designed extra thick and eco-friendly yoga mat is the best yoga mat ideally suited for both who are new to yoga as well as those with an old hand.

  •  Comes in wide dimensions of 1/8″H x 24″W x 68″L
  • The mat is coupled with soft padded cushioning and superior quality closed-cell PVC vinyl that gives a very relaxed feeling.
  •  Made up of fabric that?s very durable, easy to carry, washable and latex free.
WaiLana Birds of Paradise, pink colored yoga mat is a premium yoga mat made of closed-cell PVC vinyl that provides a soft cushion to ease your knees.
  •  Dimensions of the mat are 1/8″H x 24″W x 68″L
  •  Latex-free, lightweight and portable