The extra-long yoga and Pilate mats available at FitDango are uniquely designed and are highly qualitative that their sticky and non-slippery features support your asanas in position with good grip. These yoga mats form the best yoga accessories and are suitable for any type of yoga practices like Hot yoga, Bikram yoga, Power yoga, pre-natal yoga and more.

Best Outdoor and Home Yoga Mat, Dolphins

Get the perfect traction and an excellent grip with this superior cushioned blue colored WaiLana Dolphins outdoor yoga mat. This luxury yoga mat is long and is perfect for yogis looking for something very strong and long lasting.

  • The dolphin design is a perfect reminder of being joyful and harmonious and is a true source of motivation for your yoga routine.
  • Mat size is 1/8″H x 24″W x 68″L

Bolder Mat 7 Chakra Heaven Printed Yoga Mat

Use the 7 chakra heaven printed yoga mat and find yourself balanced and poise as you flow with the primal energies. Whatever your yoga practices include either hot yoga or Bikram yoga or power yoga or pre-natal yoga, these personalized soothing yoga mats balances and harmonize your energy system.

  • This 2 ft x 6 ft and 1/4″ Eco-friendly mat features 7 chakras within the golden orbs
  • The design keeps you focused while you practice yoga

Bolder Mat Cosmic Breath Yoga Mat

This elegant, customized and extra-ordinary home workout cosmic breathe yoga mat forms the magic mantra of your yoga practice.

  • The Breathe mantra printed on the right side of the mat reminds you to breathe in every posture
  • Being sticky it gives good support to your yoga routine

Bolder Mat Flower Power Printed Yoga Mat

Let love and peace reflect your thoughts during your yoga practice with the flower power printed yoga mat. This mat is perfect for either home use or studio use and has a stable, thick and non-slip surface.

  • The 2 ft x 6 ft and 1/4″ flower power yoga mat is very comfortable and luxurious.
  • This eco-friendly exercise yoga mat lasts long, non-toxic and is extra sticky