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With New Year finally upon us, many might have made resolutions to kick start new year with health goals and with around two-thirds of adults over-weight and obese, this goal revolves and sharply points at weight-loss diet. The easy and swift way to lose weight is to lower the excess calories in our body. Before planning to reduce calorie intake it is mandatory to learn what these calories are and how many calories are required for an adult per day?

Calories a day

What are calories?
Calories are a form of energy required to perform any activity. Calories act as fuel for our body. In scientific terminology, 1 calorie is the amount of heat energy required to raise the temperature of 1KG of water by 1degree centigrade.

How many calories a day?
The average calories a day for men are 2500 and the average amount of calories required per day for women for active body counts to around 2000. The average calorie intake per day to lose weight depends on various factors like current weight, height, age, activities performed and many more.

How to count calories consumed and burnt?
There are 2 ways in which one can count the calories intake. They are:

  1. Counting manually and
  2. Tracking with a gadget

    1. Counting Manually:

This method starts with collecting the list of food items together with the number of calories added when they are taken in. The calories intake per day is achieved by manually counting the amount of calories intake by summing up calories added for each item taken. This is a tedious way as it is very difficult to count number of calories consumed for each and every item. With this method we may count the calories intake but when it comes to calories burnt, the task becomes impossible. The only advantage with this method is, it is done without any expense of money, but above all, the valuable time is wasted and finally with incorrect results.

   2. Tracking with a Gadgets:

This is the simplest and perfect way to count the calories consumed and burnt. The only thing that is to be done is to enter your details like age, sex, weight, height and a few more things for more apt results. The fitness scales widely available in the market, will give the details of current body weight and the target weight to be reached. The list of various best rated fitness scales available are collected and made accessible under one roof at FitDango . There are other gadgets like fitness monitors and activity trackers which gives the complete details of calories burnt, calories consumed and the net calories to be burnt to reach the target. Pick a best fitness gadget from the various gadgets available on one click at FitDango online store.

How to lose weight?
Finally, the best way to lose weight is to lower the excess calories in body. This can be achieved by decreasing the intake of calories than what is actually needed for the body, so that the extra energy needed to work is made by burning the unwanted fat that will result in good body shape and size.  Burning more calories than what is consumed will result in weight loss in a healthy way. Whereas, to increase the calories burnt below is a list of simple tasks to be performed:

  • Around 30 minutes of brisk walk
  • More water consumption
  • Avoiding sugar, alcohol and caffeine to a maximum extent
  • Budget food as you do your valuable goods
  • Pick stairs rather than an elevator
  • Choose to walk other than a taxi for short distances

These tasks when performed under monitoring of a fitness gadget will yield fruitful results. The table below shows the estimation of how many calories we should allow our body to have per day.

Daily calorie allowance Table
Daily calorie allowance Table
Fitness Gadgets will better support in tracking all the activities and in calculating the calories consumed.  How many calories you intake and how much workout you do, will decide how fast and healthy you lose your weight. Burning more calories than what you consume will let you lose weight, this is how simple it is. Decreasing the calories intake and maintain the desired shape and size of body is all in your hands, the only thing needed is to have a strong determination to eat as what is planned.