Plastic Picnic Tables

Plastic Picnic Folding Table





Are you looking for an inexpensive table? Then, plastic table is the perfect choice for you. These durable plastic tables are light in weight and are easy to carry. These sturdy plastic tables are resistant for all-weather conditions and are perfect for outdoor settings. Plastic tables are accessible in different colors and designs for a contemporary look, although white and black are our traditional colors.

The flexibility of these plastic folding chairs will offer you the utmost comfort. Most of these folding plastic tables feature leg locking system, to create sturdiness while being used. These are easy to clean with the cloth. These folding plastic tables are available in regular shapes like round, rectangular and square.

Plastic tables are less expensive when compared to wood and metal. And are cheaper to manufacture while compare to traditional chairs made of wood and metal. Elegant and comfy plastic tables are made of 100% plastic material at a low-cost. These furniture’s are unbreakable, even when they are suddenly dropped or handed roughly. Unlike other wooden furniture’s may develop cracks due to the extreme climate conditions.

These plastic tables cannot withstand heavy weights and pressure. These contemporary furniture’s are also an ideal choice for restaurant seating.

If you’re looking to embellish your living environment with a contemporary look, then plastic furniture is an ideal solution for you. These furniture’s doesn’t need painting, rust free resistant and are durable with well designed.  Using of plastic avoids deforestation. These plastic furniture’s consists of hundreds of recycled plastics. Generally, recycled plastic furniture’s are made of plastic waste materials like bottles, films and foams. And are turned into good use of products without environmental damage.

Picnic tables and outdoor plastic tables are an ideal solution for a picnic plan. These are also available in wide collection of materials like metal, plastic and are accessible in round, square and rectangular shapes.

These plastic furniture’s are also an ideal solution for the butter fingers. And are also perfect for small spaces and temporary living room environments. It’s better to have a particular theme for your living room environment, if you’re looking out to buy the plastic furniture. Team up these plastic tables with contemporary table clothes for an enticing look.

Tips to Make Sure Before Making a Purchase:

  • Check the durability of the furniture.
  • Type of a material.
  • Make sure the shape and design of the furniture based on your requirement.

Types of Living Room Furniture:

  • Sofa Sets
  • Coffee Tables
  • Plastic Seats
  • Storage Racks

Laptop Computer Desk


As the technology increases, importance of laptops also increased. If you are working on a laptop throughout the day, a laptop computer desk is the perfect choice for you. These laptop desks are an ideal solution for students, jobbers and business persons. These desks are ideal for completing assignments, office work in an effective way.

Importance of Laptop Desks:

Generally, people either keep the laptop on his/her lap or on something else. By using the laptop on lap may lead to health problems. The heat that emits from the bottom of the lap can make uncomfortable working. In such a case, laptop desks are an ideal solution which helps them to gain good posture and thwarts backache. Not only do these laptop desks are ideal for laptops, but can also be used for printers.

Laptop desks for small spaces:

Are you worrying about to place a laptop desk in limited space? Do not worry. At FitDango, we help you to opt the best laptop desks for small spaces at cheap prices. These small laptop computer desks are ideal for working from recliners, sofas, floors and beds. These mobile laptop computer desk can be quite small and compact, but they’ll get the job done effectively with utmost ease.

Laptop computer desk:

These laptop computer desks are ideal for large and contemporary living rooms. These desks are finished in contemporary shades and provides extra space for magazines, stationery essentials, files and a lot more. These laptop computer desks feature folding legs, so that you can easily amend them for transportation.

Standing Desks:

Sitting in a chair or a recliner throughout the day may lead to back pain. To avoid the risk of back pain, choose these standing desks. As an added bonus, you can easily amend them to your desired position. These are much lighter and less bulky, so that you can amend them to your anticipated height with the help of pneumatic knob to lift its desk top. These desks can also be used for presentation.

Some mobile laptop computer desk do not come with height adjustment feature, make sure that the laptop desk offers the amendment feature before choosing a lap desk for laptop computer. These contemporary laptop desks are accessible in different sizes and shapes for comfort and mobility. Check out our wide collection of furniture’s that will let you to try out different solution for your laptop computer desks problems.


Card Tables and Chairs




Are you about to buy a card table and chairs set? Before buying a card table and chair set, consider the dimension of the table and its layout. The card table is the most vital aspect, as the chairs usually blend with any table.

To pick the right card table for your living room, consider where you are going to set up this card table and chairs set. Make sure that the table is smaller than your living room space, as you need extra space for the chairs and to walk around the table when the players are sitting around it.

Choose the best card table and chairs to make set up as easy as possible. Check out the card table and chairs in a wide assortment of classes and designs for an appealing look.

Generally, people mostly prefer 5 piece card table and chairs for playing cards. This 5 piece set embraces a card table and 4 contemporary embellished chairs. These card tables are accessible in different shapes like round, square and rectangular. You can also avail the folding card tables and chairs at cheap prices when you shop via us. These folding tables are light in weight, so that you can easily tote it to your anticipated location. For easy storage and more convenient, the table legs of the card table can be folded.

This cheap card table and chairs set is the perfect choice of card games, outdoor activities, additional holiday seating and much more. Card table is a must have furniture in every home, but if you demand a bit little more cozy, folding table set is an ideal solution for you. This card table and chairs set is accessible in different materials like wood, plastic and metal. Having a wood card table is beneficial in many ways, as it is durable and long lasting, it will also enhance your game.

Square card tables are the perfect choice for game nights and extra lodging for big holiday banquets. These card tables have a sturdy frame supporting a durable top. This card table is not only ideal for playing cards, but can also be used to have a meal with your guests.

These card table and chair sets are ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings. At FitDango, we have a wide assortment of contemporary card tables to suit your needs and budget ranging from traditional to contemporary card tables. Card table and chairs set is the perfect choice for the living room area, lounge area and patio. For an appealing look, team up the card table with colorful chairs.

Card Table and Chairs2.jpg

Yoga Headwear for Comfortable Yoga

Keep hair and sweat out of your face while you practice yoga, pilates or any other physical activity. Our Yoga Headwear can be worn multiple ways: as a headband, neck gaiter, wristband, scrunchie, bandana, pirate cap, beanie and more. One size fits all.

• Absorbs sweat and keeps hair in place

• Lightweight and easy to care for

• Provides sun protection

• Wear for yoga, pilates, running, biking—any sport you can think of!

Mexican Blanket for Longer Yoga Practice

Our best-selling Mexican blankets are soft to the touch, but still firm enough for all the same uses as our wool blankets. This makes them a great choice for yogis with wool allergies. They are also perfect for use in Restorative Yoga, Shoulderstand, and as cushioning against hard floors. Due to the handmade, unique nature of this item, each color and pattern will vary. Specific colors cannot be guaranteed.

  • Use for Restorative yoga practice
  • Easy to care for, machine washable
  • Good for people with wool allergies
  • Hand loomed
  • Made exclusively for HM
  • Long lasting and durable

mexican blanketBenefits: Mexican Blankets are great for all types of yoga, especially Iyengar, Anusara and Restorative. Yoga Stack under your shoulders for shoulderstand. Fold to make a soft bolster. Place under your hips for seated forward bends. Use over and under the body for Savasana.


7 Chakra Heaven Printed Yoga Mat

Eco-friendly, inspiring, printed yoga mat features all seven of the chakra symbols with a purple mountainous background.

  • 72″ x 24″ x 1/4″
  • heavy metal and latex free PVC
  • printed in the USA with superior, long-lasting processing


  • The only mat like it in the world, you will be impressed with the thickness and stickiness of this ultra-luxurious yoga mat.
  • Long lasting and extra sticky!
  • To clean, simply wipe clean with a warm cloth and a few drops of tea tree essential oil.

Get the 7 Chakra printed eco-friendly yoga mat from FitDango at best deal.

Origami Crane Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Eco-friendly, printed yoga mat is extra long and wide, perfect for yoga and Pilates practice.

An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish such as long life, prosperity and good health, and be known to give a thousand years of happiness and prosperity.


While you use this yoga mat, we wish you blessed with long life, prosperity and good health.

  • 72″ x 24″ x 1/4″
  • heavy metal and latex free PVC
  • printed in the USA with superior, long-lasting processes

Get your Crane Printed yoga mat now at FitDango and enjoy your yoga practice with a pleasant mind.